The Dreaded “Covid-19” Post

Here it is.

Here is the post I never wanted to write, but here we are.

Somebody needs to say this stuff.

Put it in writing.

In March of this year, the whole world went into quarantine due to the respiratory virus known as “COVID-19” that originated in Wuhan, China. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must be living under a rock, and if you are, you want some company?

With the quarantine in the United States came many STRONG opinions. I am going to go over those opinions now, and I will try to remain unbiased and just “call ’em as I see ’em.” Many people fall in the ‘middle ground’ of these beliefs also.

… … … … … …

Some people feel that masks ‘infringe upon our rights’ as US Citizens, and this is a precursor to further government control; who refer to mask-wearers as ‘sheep’ on a regular basis. They feel mask-wearing as a government mandate is a form of muzzling and a compliance test for future government endeavors, and because they feel this way, they see it as them pushing back against tyranny.

Others feel that masks are simply a part of loving your neighbor and this has nothing to do with our rights at all – but a global crisis. They think others are buttholes for refusing to wear one in certain places where asked, and for them, masks have been the ultimate litmus test – and they will never forget the people in their lives that simply don’t care for the wellbeing of others.

… … … … … …

In the Christian community, there is A LOT of buzz concerning the virus.

Some that feel mask mandates and mandatory vaccines are a prequisite to ‘the mark’ – which is a mark you have to receive during the tribulation in order to buy or sell…

-and then there are other Christians that believe they will not be here when that occurs, (aka ‘raptured out’), and even if they were, the Bible states you have to renounce Jesus to receive the mark (which they are not requiring for the vaccine), and that this mark is visible to the naked eye – so they are not concerned.

I’ve noticed many people around where I live abandoning their churches because they do not like how their Pastor is choosing to proceed with services. Around here, some churches are inside the building but are socially-distanced, some are doing drive-in services, some online, etc. A lot of people feel that their Pastor’s are ‘playing in’ to the fear, and not ‘trusting God’, while others feel they are doing the right thing based on their churches population and capability to do services in other ways…

Here’s the REAL tea – A lot of people are just looking for the perfect excuse not to go anymore, and they think the pandemic is their ticket. Now is not the time to abandon the beliefs you swore you held so dear to you before. Much worse times are coming. My family has even been BLAMED for peoples family members getting out of church now, when the people were never in it to begin with. Lol.

Yes. I said it.

Also, I feel it is EXTREMELY disheartening to hear the comments from people regardu g the elderly that are dead from Covid. Statements like, “They were old anyway” and “Well, they had dementia too” are NOT acceptable and to me, proove that people are losing more sanctity for human life than I originally thought. Elderly people DO MATTER. Just because they are old, doesnt mean their lives are disposable and replaceable.

Okay. Those 2 opinions have been said. I’m done now. Lol

… … … … … …

Some feel the coming vaccines contain microchips, or biological material that will contribute to a government program for eugenics, or will cause us great harm in the future (aka everyone receiving the vaccine may die of cancer later due to not enough time having passed right now to know of the lasting effects)… Other people feel they will be the first in line to get the vaccine because they received vaccinations for polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc… and nothing has ever happened before – and they just want their lives to return to normal ASAP.

… … … … … …

I’ve seen people crucify state governors for their attempts to control the virus because they feel their mandates and curfews are ridiculous;

and I’ve heard other’s say, “Well, if people would just think of their neighbors and comply with the guidelines set early on, we wouldn’t be living the way we are now still.”

… … … … … …

I know of people that still think this whole pandemic is a farce – that it doesn’t exist at all.

On the other hand, I know personally of 5 people that are no longer here because of Covid-19. I have personally yet to know one person in my life to die from the flu.

… … … … … …

The battle regarding school systems vs parents is an ENTIRELY different ballgame right now too. To homeschool or not to homeschool? Virtual academy? In-person classrooms? Which is the ‘right’ way for your family? … Many parents feel they are caught in a rock and a hard place between their job and their child’s education… It’s a difficult area nobody can win in. Parents need their kids in school in order to work; however, this IS at the cost of the welfare of school staff, who in no way, ‘signed up’ for this. (School staff are not in the medical field. They did not sign up to put their health on the line). The only solution I know of would be to put school staff with frontline workers – the first to receive the vaccine if they choose to take it.

… … … … … …

I’ve also seen many conspiracy theories surface. For example – there are those that believe Covid-19 is a biological weapon from China, and that it may have purposely been released in order to thwart the U.S. election, or cause some other type of damage… I’ve heard theories about how it’s being used as the ‘method’ by which Marxism enters America, and how in-general, people are largely concerned with whether or not to believe the numbers, due to the whistleblowers in the beginning being told they needed to classify many unrelated deaths as “Covid-deaths.”

… … … … … …


1. The SOCIAL cost has been VERY high.


2. The FEAR has been very real.

Let’s address the social cost first.

Example – Susan believes that wearing a mask is a part of ‘loving your neighbor’ and making others feel more comfortable around eachother in a store setting. Her brother Emmett thinks Susan is a ‘sheep’ and is stupid because he believes masks don’t cut down on the spread of the virus, and that she is acting ridiculous. Susan knows how Emmett feels, but Susan works in a business that is a COVID hotbed. She is concerned about her grandmother, despite the fact that she is always around her, because of the amount of cases at her job. It weighs heavily on Susan now whether or not she should wear a mask to a family gathering, OR EVEN GO AT ALL – because of her brother’s judgement.

She’s danged if she does. Danged if she doesn’t.

Susan cant win, and neither can Emmett – Simply because they both have extremely different viewpoints on the seriousness of the virus.

Even I had to be the butthole in someone else’s story because of this stuff…

-and even now, I’m choosing to keep my true feelings to myself and approach this post as unbiased as possible.


Now for a raw, real life example:

I had a baby in August. I was very nervous about bringing a newborn home with no immune system during this pandemic and people breathing all over him. I was thinking about this new little life in my hands and what I needed to do to protect it. My husband disagreed very strongly. He felt that family should not be required to wear masks to hold their newest family member. As a mother, I didn’t care how anyone felt about it – I wanted to keep my baby as safe as possible until I at least started to feel a little better over time. We had VERY heated arguments about this, and often. In the end, I consented to having our parents not wear them while holding him, BUT making everyone else wear them, which, looking back – was pointless really. I was concerned about how our family would perceive me because of this, but I was just trying to somehow serve my baby’s best interests AND meet my husband in the middle. My husband was concerned about the loss of their experience because of the masks. Both sides of the family were extremely kind and were willing to do whatever I asked of them, but still; I worried about what everybody really thought. The fact that we had an argument over the safety of our baby… I felt it damaged something in our relationship and that it will always be there just under the surface.

I’ve seen people I thought I could count on to be stable through all this, completely turn on others and get personal about it. People will be talking about the virus, someone doesnt agree, and suddenly they attack the persons finances… crap like that. Lol

Some real life disrespect I’ve seen online recently: “Not all of us can live in a bubble” (taking a stab at my parents having financial stability, acting as if they dont work or have never worked jobs before), “How ridiculous. Feel free to call me and I will enlighten you,” – in regards to me stating that many people dont care who gets the virus until its themselves, their family, etc. Truth is, they dont know the info I know that I cannot disclose… There ARE situations where peoples safety is on the line because of a dollar. All about money. On the flipside, I’ve also been told off about the vaccine when I said I would probably take it. “What a sheep” they said… I’ve also been told I’m an idiot for being a Christian and voicing an opinion about a vaccine. I mean, can anyone win at ALL? LOL. If you are pro-mask, pro-schools closing you are an idiot… If you are anti-mask and pro-school openings you are also an idiot. Lol.

Now for the widespread fear…

Whether or not you personally feel afraid, you know others that are. You can sense the fear. You can feel it. I think people are more afraid of it because of the isolation factor. People don’t want to die alone.

I’m not going to act like I’m some kind of awesome Christian that’s ready to meet the Lord right now, because I’m not. You should know on this blog by now that I’m as real as it gets with you. I want to live. I want to know my little boy is saved. I want to watch him grow up. I want to experience life with my family ’til I die of something that’s NOT Covid-19… IF I am going to die in a hospital, I don’t want to be alone either if I can help it. That’s what makes Covid so different… the isolation at the time of death. This is what frightens people the most I think.

I know several that have been deeply affected by this difficult pill to swallow in some way. They could not be at the beside of their dying loved ones because of the virus – whether it was Covid-related or not… (Hospice houses are closed. Nursing homes are closed. Hospital are closed to visitors.) I know some that found difficulty in attending funeral services due to the virus (they are concerned about contracting it there).

I know people who have already had it & have gotten through it, and because of that, they are no longer afraid, and I know people that HAVENT had it that try to act like they are the bravest people in the world; but let me tell you something… If you think you have the virus, you will panic. Guaranteed.

I had a fever the other day of 100, which is abnormal for me. I felt fine, but I PANICKED. My whole body locked up. I was like, OMG IT IS HAPPENING. Turns out, I was a dumby and forgot I had a heater blasting at my feet all morning. After I turned the heater off, within 10 minutes, I was 97.8 and I was all day long afterwards. Lol

Those few minutes really showed me how much stress this thing can cause.

I wasn’t really afraid of it I thought, until then.

I learned real quick. Lol

No matter how you personally feel RIGHT NOW – you can certainly feel the fear it has caused around you, or within you. People don’t always act right when they are afraid.


  1. Once you have your opinion on this virus, it’s difficult to change your viewpoint.
  2. People have some jacked up priorities now. Like, toilet paper is now seen as a necessity. (Toilet paper as we know it today, wasn’t manufactured and sold until 1890 – and hardly anybody bought it.) I thought toilet paper was a luxury, but whatever… (not saying I didn’t go buy any, but I have hoarded NOTHING)
  3. From ALL viewpoints of this pandemic, we have seen the absolute worst in people – COMPLETE SELFISHNESS.
  4. Apparently, the virus can only attack people’s nose and mouth – not their eyeballs… (sarcasm).

There is a difference between reality and perception.

The reality of the situation is that people are affected by this virus in different ways, and the way you are attacked by it can vary widely, and this virus is not just going to ‘blow away’. Your perception may be that the virus isn’t a big deal; BUT think about who it IS a big deal to. Take our medical personnel for example:

In an NPR article titled “Covid-19 Denial Still Rampant in some Coronavirus Hotspots,” Joy Prudek, who works for St. Luke’s Medical Center said,

“It can start to feel like you’re living in “two different realities” At work, they’re seeing community members and colleagues get sick with COVID-19. They’re seeing people die. “And then they walk outside and they go to the store and have people look at them with disbelief and anger for wearing a mask,” Prudek said. The disconnect is frustrating, she said, and disheartening.

See? There are many different perspectives on Covid-19 that are all valid.

Regardless where you are on this coin, please stay safe out there,

and be kind to one another.

2020 is almost over, and it doesn’t look like the divisiveness is going away anytime soon, and neither is Covid-19.

I HATE how this pandemic makes us feel.

I HATE how it has affected us all.

I HATE everything about it.

THIS is the time when we need Kenneth Copeland’s snake oil to work.

Covid-19 sucks.

It just does.