Elf on the Shelf 2019

Elf on the Shelf – DAY 17

Hey Brian! I saw the video of you pretending to be a camel in the church Christmas play, and I was so proud of you! ❤ Your bravery  inspired me to try something new, so I went to a circus and stole my own real camel! His name is Reginald and he has only bitten me twice!  

Stephanie and I just cant get along… We were talking about the wise men seeing Jesus in the manger, and how they probably rode camels there, and she told me I needed to read my Bible because they were never there to see him when he was born. I SWEAR THAT HEIFER ALWAYS RUINS EVERYTHING. IM GETTIN’ TIRED OF HER MOUTH.

Aside from that, Reginald and I have ridden all over the dirt road today. 🙂 We saw a guy on a bicycle that thought he was in the middle of Tour de’ France, but he wouldnt share the road, so we pushed him over in the ditch and sent him to tour de’ Hospital! We also saw a guy in a car that came around a blind curve on the wrong side, and when he saw us, he said a bad word and hit the ditch. He’s okay I think.