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The Most Awkward Moment Ever

Have you ever witnessed a moment in life where the WRONG thing happens at the WRONG time, and the result is so unbelievably cringe-y that you want to crawl in a hole and die?

Yeah, that happened once at my church.

During Communion.

At Christmas.

Last year (2018), my church did a Candlelight communion. We are Southern Baptist, so we do communion several times a year on special occasions. As you know, my father is the pastor of said church.

My dad got up to read scripture. In the background, soft instrumentals of religious Christmas carols were playing from a CD running through the sound system. It was really pretty and everyone was very quiet – in the process of examining themselves inwardly. We take communion very seriously, believing that if you partake of it unworthily, that you could die. (Based on 1 Corinthians 11:27-32) We don’t play with communion. Like, at all.

I have a small youtube channel. On my channel, I upload a wide variety of things, but everything is from my real life, including church. A lot of my videos consist of church music because I believe in my lifetime that I will see an even greater ‘falling away’ than I see now… and one day, these videos will be valuable to me. They also encourage a lot of our church members who need a pick-me-up, etc… It’s sortof a ‘mini-ministry’ for me to do. Because of this, I was going to film this communion (being careful not to film who was partaking and who wasn’t). This is why I was filming when this incident occurred. It was NOT staged at all.

The CD that had the instrumental Christmas music on it was running on loop.

Well, apparently they weren’t all religious.

One song was just ending….

and then…

the CD looped back all the way to the beginning.

Turn up the volume.

During this holiest of moments… JINGLE BELLS starts playing.

and not only is it Jingle Bells, but it’s the DAINTIEST version of it that exists!!!

My dad started to crack a smile, but he stifled it. Inside, he was SCREAMING.

The power of God. It’s the ONLY WAY he didn’t laugh out loud.

People in front of me started looking around the room, as if they were on candid camera and this was some sort of sick joke.

The lady in the sound booth panicked and turned the track after she was able to process what was happening. To be fair, it took us ALL a few seconds to process it. Lol After that, communion could not be taken seriously. Thoughts about everyone’s sins went out the window.

Once again, the power of God got us through the rest of that communion.

After the service, EVERYONE was talking about it. LOL

I told Daddy it could’ve been a lot worse…

Here is our most recent awkward moment, but it was intentional and everyone loved it! Lol