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Christmas Shopping Ideas

It’s October 19th.

If you get paid once a month like I do, you may be in the midst of Christmas shopping now. Lol

or maybe you’re already DONE with it.

Maybe you haven’t even started because you feel it is asinine and stupid to have the Christmas season take up so much of your life.

I am here to save the day and give you some Christmas ideas for your loved ones. Maybe you have someone on your list that is RIDICULOUS and difficult to buy for… Maybe you want to keep people on their toes… maybe, just maybe… you are a savage.

Please note: None of the following items are paid promotions! Look at my view count at the bottom of this page people… There are no sponsorships. Lol These are all products I have bought for others, or have personally used myself.


I have used this service 3 times before, and I cannot explain how truly awesome this is for a gift.

Amazing Clubs is a website where you can give people all kinds of subscription services. Things like Bacon of the month, Cheesecake of the month, Flowers, etc… (My personal favorite is the Cake one.) You can completely customize the ‘club’ and the service only runs as long as you want. No hidden ‘fees’, charges later on down the road, etc. It’s simple. You want you mom to get 4 cakes a year delivered? You got it. You want her to receive one in January, March, July, and December? You got it. You can even do a Variety club and combine different clubs.

The cake club photo sucks on the website. The cakes look nothing like that. They are all un-iced cakes, & usually bundt-style, but they are INCREDIBLE tasting and still attractive. The kind of cake that melts in your mouth and is squishy to the touch. My mom has let me have a piece of every cake shes received and they have ALL been great! They are not in the regular old flavors… they are things like apple cinnamon, pineapple delight – things like that. No pound cake either. You won’t regret it. It can be pricey, but worth it if it’s for someone that rocks your world. The 3 times I’ve gotten that subscription for someone, they LOVED it and it has been well worth the money.

To purchase or browse, here’s the link!



Sometimes, you just don’t know what to get a person, and it drives you crazy. My advice for situations like this: Why not get them something completely and utterly stupid? lol

Have a friend that is weird about shaking hands with other people? I’ve got just the thing!

Have an aunt that’s a nurse with dark humor? Check out this lunchbox!

I’ve actually bought some things from this site this year. Lol To browse more insanity, visit:



My husband bought me this robot vacuum 2 years ago for Christmas and it is one of the joys of my life. No lie. This one isn’t NEAR as expensive as the Roomba, and does just as well! I use mine 3 times a week at least. Below is a video of me using it for the first time in our house. It still picks up just as good today as it did the day I opened it. The only issue I have with it is that my area rugs are too thick for it to scoot around on, but I just toss pillows on the rug to keep it from getting stuck on it and it sweeps the rest of my house. It has an app you can download so you can schedule the times that it runs. It’s not too loud either. It will keep itself from falling down stairs, and will put itself back on its charger when done. I do maintenance on it once a month and it only takes about 5 minutes and is super easy. It has been well worth its $138 price tag. (I show at the end how much it picked up after just 10 minutes on a seemingly clean floor)

It has been a HUGE chore-saver for me. It really sucks – in a good way! Lol

At the time I’m posting this, it is $138 for a refurbished one with a 1 year warranty. I have seen this exact same one increase in price as we move into November (just fyi) New I believe it is $230.

Look here:



Growing up, my great grandma had fruit magnets on her fridge. I distinctly remember what they looked like, and every time I see them in some really old ladies house, I think of her and I feel good inside. It brings back a lot of good memories. If you don’t know what to get someone, why not give them the gift of a memory? 🙂 Ebay and Etsy are great places to locate vintage items like this. Maybe your grandma had a bowl she always used when cooking, or you know someones mom had a ring holder they always liked growing up…

I found my beloved fruit magnets on ebay for probably $3. I bought them and they are on my own fridge at home right now.

Looking through old photos of my mom as a little girl, she was sometimes pictured wearing an Avon skunk pin that had lip balm inside. She always told me she really loved that thing when she was little… I found an original one on ebay for $15. I bought it and put it in a bracelet box for her to open of Christmas and it brought her a lot of smiles.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to mean anything.



I’m not a tattoo person, but if I were, Id get tattoo of my parents/grandparents handwriting, obtained from an old card. The problem with this is that I have no handwriting that survives from my Papaw, who lost his ability to write after his stroke in the 1990s. BUT can you imagine how awesome it would be to get your wife a bracelet, with the words, “I love you” in her grandmas handwriting? #Shook Or even a sweet message in your kids handwriting… the possibilities of this are endless…

See here:



I’ve bought 2 of these before as gifts and they go over very well with women! Lol Diamond Candles is a company that puts a ring into the candlewax. You have to burn the candle and enjoy it in order to get to the ring. It’s a very enjoyable process I must say! Lol The ring has a value of either $10, $100, or $1,000. You also apparantly now can win another ring if yours has a certificate inside. Lol You cannot choose the size of the ring, so if it doesn’t fit, they can give it to someone else, or maybe even pawn it (Most of the rings they put in are sizes 6-8). Either way, it’s a win situation. Check out their FAQ section at the bottom of the page at:

There are other sites for this, but I can only give specifics on Diamond Candles, as it’s the only one I’ve personally ordered from. Another one is Jackpot Candles & Fragrant Jewels.



Stay with me.

Cracker Barrel has some great gifts in their store I’ve got to say. They have a lot of ‘themed’ items you could check out. Also, is sorta the bomb. They have a lot of things on there that I never knew existed! I’m being serious. Lol They have caskets, mini leaf blowers (for keyboards lol), all kindssssss of stuff. Put in a topic & let the fun begin!

I don’t know if this list helps anyone or not, but I gave it a shot. Lol