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Favorites – The Sash Bag

Welcome to Stephanie’s favorites! – A display of the things I love & where I got them! I have not been paid to promote any of these items. These are all items I have purchased myself & just wanted to share how awesome they are!

Today’s post is about something called “The Sash Bag”

Nichole MacDonald, founder – holding up her gift to the world Lol

I first saw this strange purse in a facebook ad. The ad kept popping up on the side of my news feed, & I was thinking – WHAT IS THIS THING? I finally took the bait one day & clicked on it & I was so intrigued that I bought one first thing. I now own THREE & It has been one of the BEST things I’ve ever gotten in my life. It solved a problem I literally didn’t even know I had! LOL

This is a redesigned fanny-pack that just MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. – Wait now, don’t be put off by it! It has SERIOUSLY been a life-changing purchase for me. Just watch the video below! This is what sold me:

The Sash in all it’s beautiful glory.

Here are all the reasons why I LOVE my sash bags:

  1. No more bulky wallet. Not needed anymore!
  2. No more stress on those shoulders. 😉
  3. No more setting your purse on pee-sprinkled bathroom floors. Lol
  4. You can wear it while driving!
  5. I actually FORGET i’m wearing it a lot! No lie! It sort-of becomes a part of your body – it’s strange. lol
  6. This purse teaches you to carry what you need. Trust me: I used to LOVE huge purses, totes, etc… I carried everything – & now, no more!
  7. You can live your life hands-free! It’s a freedom you don’t know about until you experience it, & it is AWESOME.
  8. No more digging for your phone or keys!
  9. I thought the price was steep at first, but after the first week of having the bag, I felt it was totally worth the money. – that’s how awesome they really are. Each bag is handmade in India. The fabrics/leathers are carefully selected & dyed. These are not made in large bulk by machines – they are all handmade.
  10. Their customer service is incredible, & all bags come with a 1 year warranty.
  11. The leather feels like butter (LITERALLY), but I actually like the faux leather better (unpopular opinion lol) because it adds more durability. (I have cloth, leather, & faux leather bags, but the faux is my personal preference because I am pretty rough on bags. The faux leather doesn’t peel either – its GOOD faux leather.)
  12. The materials are QUALITY & each bag is HAND-made in India (thus the price)
  13. These bags are adjustable to fit any bust-size, and body type. I am 5’1″, & the bag sits on my hip perfectly when I adjust the strap.
  14. These bags turn heads, especially when I’m checking out at a store – its not uncommon for the cashier to tell me they love my purse & then I reach in it & give them a business card (provided in all bags from the company for when this occurs lol) that say, “Where did you get that bag?” & it has their website on it. Very convenient for me
  15. The fringe bags are AWESOME.
  16. Traveling on vacation. Need I say more? Who wants to drag around a heavy purse? Nobody – that’s who!
  17. The community this bag brings along with it is great. There is a facebook group I am in where we all share our ‘sash sightings in the wild’ (lol), care tips, share what we’ve done to our bags, small items to help with sorting, etc. It’s been a cool thing to be apart of.
  18. More & more styles are being produced over time, so there’s never a dull moment. The same design is in place, but new fabrics, expandable bags, etc are being toyed with.

I could seriously probably name more reasons. Lol . If you give one a shot, I guarantee you won’t regret it. It sounds overly dramatic, but this bag has been a life-changing item for me. I’ve not bought another bag in 2 years, & I’m no longer interested in other purses. They completely BORE me now. Lol

If you want to check them out, go here:

Here’s some pics of me wearing my first Sash:

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  1. Can “curvier” women like myself wear these without it looking like a hammock for certain body parts? Lol I need this bag in my life but I’m a big girl and need this to fit comfortably lol


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