What Makes A Person ‘Creepy’?

Some people in life make us uncomfortable. Lol. Let’s cut right to the chase here: some people are just plain creepy. But WHY? WHAT is it about certain people that creeps us out? Is it an aura they put out? A look in their eye? An action? The way they walk? “Creepiness is all about not being able to figure out whether there is a threat,” said Frank McAndrew, Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology at Knox College.  I agree with that – There is something about our perception of certain things we observe in others that tells us whether or not they may be a threat… Today, I have examined my own mind to identify what makes a person creepy to me, or what makes them threatening Lol.

Talking About Sex Freely

It’s one thing if you have a medical question or something to ask someone in confidence (such as woman to woman, etc), but totally another when someone frequently re-routes the conversation toward sex repeatedly. Like they have a determination to discuss this infront of you… Talking about it out in the open is almost a sign that you WANT others to hear you, or that they are going to get a kick out of getting you to engage in that type of talk with them.

Having ‘Crazy Eyes’

The thing that’s so stupid about this one is that I really think people with crazy eyes can’t help it. It’s just genetically predisposed. Lol. Regardless, I know SO MANY people that are crazy (& I mean mean & vindictive, not mentally ill) that also have these eyes. They have a look of intense fixation, and I think that can be unsettling. I have seen a strong correlation between the ‘crazy eyes’ and meanness in people through the years. You can just tell somethin’ ain’t going on right behind there. Lol The lights are on but the nice lady isn’t home!

People Who Can’t Understand that Someone isn’t Interested in Them

As far as men go, this has nothing to do with what a man looks like. It has to do with how they ignore the obvious social ques to stop their pursuit. It makes me seriously think they may be sex-obsessed or possessive. When i’m putting off a strong vibe that says I’m not interested in anything you do or say, and you are still trying, it doesn’t matter how attractive you are – if your own desires are much more important to you than mine, it’s a huge red flag that you are creepy! Men don’t even have to be interested in you romantically either. I had a Jehovah’s witness once that came to my place of business several times in an attempt to convert me. I flat out told him that it would not work & that we did not allow soliciting, but regardless, he kept coming – but only before checking out the front parking lot to make sure I was alone. He only came in when he was sure I was by myself. That creeped me out. Why Jehovah’s witnesses?! WHYYYYYYYYYY

Women also can fall into this category of creepiness when they are TOO CLINGY. They text a guy all hours of the day and night, call him at work multiple times a day, etc… That makes a woman seem desperate – because SHE IS!!! Men, if you have a woman like this, you need to get out of dodge quick! She cray-cray and she will not let you live your life! RUN! Lol Women that start out like this end up as psychos because they cannot be away from you. They’re more unstable than anyone and anything! Speaking of that…

Unstable Behavior

I have people in my life that I find to be shifty – that have frequent changes in their thought direction. I see people like this as untrustworthy because you can never be certain of where they may be heading with a certain person, thought, or action. Really unpredictable. I had a person tell me to kill myself once, and today they will swear to ME that it never occurred. LOL I know this happened! But it’s like they try to make YOU look crazy. This behavior is referred to as ‘gas-lighting’ and it is a psychological tactic designed to get you to doubt your own memories… This type of behavior is manipulative and dangerous and shows that the person is not stable. Instability is creepy to me. They hate you one minute, then try to love you the next time they see you.

Excessive Staring

If you are staring at someone like they are a hot turd on a cold day, you are a creep. LOL You may not even realize you are doing this. I’ve accidentally creeped people out because I zoned out & happened to be staring in their direction. Lol

Standing or Walking Too Closely to Others

I had a woman stand so close behind me once in Wal-mart check-out line that I almost felt like she was reading my text messages. To put this to the test, I typed, “You need to back up” – AND SHE DID AND SAID SHE WAS SORRY!!! LOL I think it is incredibly creepy when people get too close to others for no reason at all. I’ve had people nearly walk INTO the SIDE of my car crossing the road for example… almost like they were walking toward my door.

We just KNOW sometimes.

Ok. There are times that we can just look at a person, & for seemingly no reason at all, out of nowhere, KNOW they are creepy. I think women are especially good at this. Its the intuition God gave us. Its almost like an ‘aura’ we pick up on… bad energy. I know that sounds stupid, but you ladies know what i’m talking about.

What about you?

What do you think makes some people creepier than others?