I Was Obsessed with “Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time”

I really was.

I have to talk about this somewhere – to someone.

So, here we are.

If you have no idea what i’m talking about, “Titanic. Adventure Out of Time” was a PC game released in 1996. Yes – this game came out before James Cameron’s movie ‘Titanic’. (I actually own a 3rd class floor tile from the film set). I am one of the few that can say that I was highly interested in the ship prior to the films release, although I will admit that the film did intensify my interest to a near ‘seek help’ level. Lol

I still get chills at this intro. What is it about this woman’s voice?? It is hauntingly lovely! (Her name is Sissel & she is from Norway btw)

In the game, the player assumes the role of a disgraced secret-service agent that is continuously haunted by the night his last mission failed – when he was aboard the Titanic… Fast forward to the 1940’s: the agent’s apartment is bombed in a Nazi air raid & it sends him back in time onboard the Titanic, where he has a 2nd chance at his mission. Using your knowledge of the future, you become this agent & complete lots of cool missions while onboard. The goal is to complete these missions, get all items with you off the ship, & survive. It might sound cheesy, but I found it completely cool. Lol My cousins had this game, who were also really into the Titanic… I used to play it at their house, & I ended up getting it for my birthday from my parents later. From then on, my life was never the same. I turned into a potato, sitting there in front of the computer after school for hours. It was an innovative game for its time – you could select responses & ‘interact’ with characters, & to my knowledge, it was an accurate (yet low quality in today’s terms) reproduction of the ship. It was really cool to get to walk around, even virtually, on the Titanic. This game heavily involved espionage, fist-fights, theft, murder… & I was hooked for life.

There was also another reason I loved this game.

My first man-crushes.

Lift Attendant: Where to?
Me: To Mars

In order to get to certain areas of the ship, you have to take the elevator – & that is where you will find the lift attendant. When I was 10 years old – I thought he was really somethin’. I loved his accent, that ‘whip’ in his hair – everything. Lol However, there was one other in-game-man-crush I had that even surpassed my love for the lift attendant…

Meet Willi Von Haderlitz. (The guy on the right, NOT the left LOL)

I somehow thought I was gonna’ marry this dude!

Spoiler alert! – Willi gets even more awesome because you learn later on in the game that he is Russian spy & a traitor to the guy he is sitting beside here. He ends up getting murdered & it really doesn’t matter because the ship is going to sink anyway. You get to have a private fencing match with him at one point & you learn a lot of details about him.

In addition to my man crushes in this game, there were many other things I liked about it. For starters, there is a segment of time where you get to play blackjack & gamble. I don’t gamble in the real world at all, but it gave me a weird feeling to be able to do it virtually with fake outcomes. LOL You also get involved with this dumb woman named Georgia, who gets herself into a mess in her marriage, & for some reason, it becomes your job to help her. You later find out it all ties in together in the end with the espionage, which is sort of crazy. There’s a lot to keep up with… The most dramatic turn, other than the sinking, that this game takes is the part where you get to beat up a stowaway in the boiler room out of nowhere. (The sound effects are hilarious btw.) There were also some creepy moments; the most memorable of these was the shady animation of the characters spinning around to talk to you – It seriously looked like their mouths were bleeding & that they were being controlled by demons. LOL

Lady Georgia’s demon walk, & cone boobs.

When i’m feeling in a nostalgic mood, sometimes I will still listen to “Lets play” videos on youtube of this game – just when I want some background noise… I think someone out there has emulated this game from its original version, because there are still newer videos being made of it being played. I don’t know much about that stuff – I just know there’s a way that this old game can still be played on modern computers.

Part 1 of a playthrough on youtube…

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  1. Oh my gosh I have been obsessed with Titanic as of recently!!! Never knew this game existed. Time to find a copy and play it LOL
    (It’s me, your meme BFF from work. How do you like the username 😂😂😂)

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