Area 51 Internet Drama, & Alien Talk

Sign outside the border of the infamous “Area 51”

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Area 51.

Okay – i’ll admit it: I actually joined the group, “Storm Area 51 – They can’t stop all of us” on facebook last week before it took off and went viral. I joined because as soon as I came across the group, I had a good chuckle. After I was accepted into this group, I then realized that a lot of these people were actually serious. I then removed myself from the group. Lol

For those of you that may not know (my husband didn’t know either), Area 51 is a military base that was built in 1955 & is located in the Nevada desert. It’s purpose today is strictly classified, although we do know it was originally built in order to test secret military products. This secrecy has often been associated with housing alien spacecraft & bodies. If something is kept a secret, naturally, people are going to speculate… The facebook group was formed all in good fun, but the US Air Force is not laughing – despite the memes being glorious. They have warned against this & have said that they will use military force if necessary. One thing is for sure – these people allllllllllllllll gonna’ get shot if they try this mess.

I know its a joke; however,

We all know there will be people crazy enough to do this & will show up.

Where ‘dem aliens at momma? ‘Murica!

So on September 20th (the date said operation is supposedly going down), I’m going to watch it on t.v. with a bowl of popcorn ready. Even if Area 51 REALLY IS housing UFO’s & dead aliens – what would we gain from this knowledge? Lol I would rather just not know. Here is my prediction though: I bet at least 1,000 redneck people will show up outside of Area 51 on September 20th, armed with ‘tater guns’ & Kershaw knives…. Let’s see if i’m right later.

Do I personally think extraterrestrials exist?

For me to answer this question, I have to put out more questions:

  • Do I believe in life on other planets? Yes.
  • Do I believe in INTELLIGENT life on other planets? No. I just think there’s bacteria, etc & that’s all.
  • Do I believe UFO’s exist? Yes. I do believe there are things flying around & we either are unable to identify what they are, or they may be aircraft with better technology built in a foreign country.
  • Do I believe in green men with large eyes, or fetus aliens? Not really.
  • Do I think Area 51 has some good tea to spill? You bet – but i’m just not interested in knowing. lol

I have friends that believe in aliens, etc – & I am totally cool with that. Truth is, none of us have been up there to see, so no one can say they really know – except maybe Area 51. LOL

One of the best memories of my life was the day I walked into my in-laws house, & saw my father-in-law watching “Fire In The Sky “on t.v. (The story of Travis Walton who claimed he was abducted in the 1970’s – video at the bottom) You have to understand something: My father-in-law ONLY watches Westerns on the G.R.I.T channel, okay – so for this gruff little man to be emotionally invested in a movie like this blew my mind & I laughed so hard. I walked in right at the part where the fetus aliens have the guy on the table to do experiments… He said he thought it was going to be a movie about some loggers – and it technically was, but he was also at the same time incredibly wrong. LOL

I used to check out this UFO book all the time in the library of my Elementary school. I don’t know why I checked it out so much, because it scared the daylights out of me – but it’s like I couldn’t stop looking at it. I would read these UFO & alien abduction stories & be scared an alien would be standing at the foot of my bed looking at me. Those strange ‘hummmmm’ noises that airplanes sometimes make? – I used to think that was a UFO making that noise.

What about you?

Do you think Area 51 holds alien secrets, or something else?

What do you think about the Area 51 ‘raid’?

Regardless of your opinion, I think most can agree that the topic is at least interesting. I love this video Rhett & Link made years ago on the topic of alien abductions…